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angle-left All people living in Finland to get vaccinated against COVID­19

All people living in Finland to get vaccinated against COVID­19

Coronavirus vaccinations are currently in progress in North Karelia. Vaccination is voluntary and is offered free of charge to all people living in Finland. Your local health authority Siun sote is responsible for vaccinations. Book an appointment for vaccination in advance either online or by phone. Coronavirus vaccination appointments can be booked only by those who are currently scheduled to be vaccinated. Visit the Siun sote website for details on which groups are currently scheduled to be vaccinated and the related schedules.

Vaccination of the population started with the elderly, as age is the most significant risk factor regarding the severe form of the disease. The majority of the elderly population have now been vaccinated. People aged over 70 who have not yet been vaccinated can still book an appointment for vaccination. In addition to the elderly, people aged 65–69 have been vaccinated. There are a few different vaccines available, and not all of them are appropriate for all age groups. As a precautionary measure, the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare decided that the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca must only be administered to people over 65.

Vaccination of people who belong to high-risk groups due to an underlying disease has also started and will continue once there are enough safe vaccines available for people under 65 years of age. People aged 16–69 who belong to a high-risk group due to an underlying disease will be vaccinated before the vaccination of all people under 65 starts. There are no authorised vaccines available yet for people aged under 16. According to the current estimate, widespread vaccination of the population will begin in June. However, the schedule may change.

The online service for booking vaccination appointments is only available in Finnish and requires a Finnish personal identity code. The telephone appointment booking service is also available in English. Eligibility for vaccination and the identity of the person to be vaccinated will be verified at the vaccination site or before the vaccination. Please remember to bring a form of identification with you.

Vaccination schedules and groups:

Vaccination appointments: