Joensuu Sports Academy

...the Place to Study, Work and Train for Those Who Aim High!

Joensuu Sports Academy is a unique environment in which to study, work and train – one in which you don't need to choose between progress in your studies and goal-oriented training.

Joensuu Sports Academy is based on a cooperation network supporting young athletes to combine studying and goal-oriented athletics. The cooperation network consists of educational institutions (Joensuu Communal High School, North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium, North Karelia University of Applied Sciences, and the University of Eastern Finland) and local sports associations and clubs. All academy activities are organised by Joensuu City Office of Municipal Sports Services in close cooperation with the network.

Structured and supervised early morning training sessions form the heart of Joensuu Sports Academy's activities. All admitted Academy athletes studying in one of the network's institutions are entitled to participate in the training. The prerequisites for Academy admission are the enrolment as a student in one of the network's schools and the fulfilment of certain athletic criteria.

Sport-specific morning training sessions are organised three times a week (Tue-Thu at 8-10 AM) at their own training places. The academy has organised training in e.g. biathlon, golf, cross-country skiing, soccer, judo, ice-hockey, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, Finnish baseball, floor-ball, orienteering, dance, gymnastics, tennis, swimming, and track & field. By participating in the academy training students will earn study points towards their degrees.

Joensuu Sports Academy is also approved by the Finnish Olympic Committee as one the nation's elite level sports academies.

For additional information, please, contact the training coordinator:

Mr Kimmo Hyppönen
tel. +358 50 436 7839