Carelicum is a culture, museum, and tourist centre situated by the edge of the market place in the middle of Joensuu. A visit there is an excellent way of getting to know Joensuu and North Karelia, its culture, and the essence of Karelianness.

Opening hours

mon - fri 10 AM - 4.30 PM
sat  10 AM - 3 PM

sun 10 AM - 3 PM only museum and childrend´s world "Mukulakatu"

Carelicum was renovated on EU funding in 2010 under the auspices of the North Karelia Visitor Centre Project, launched to promote history tourism.

The goal of the renovation project was that Carelicum should provide better services, laid out in style and made accessible to the customers in new ways. Carelicum now has a higher profile, an interactive character, crisp cosy structures, an updated colour range, and renewed lighting. The renovated premises of the North Karelian Museum offer improved facilities for temporary exhibitions.

The history tourism project also included the renovation of the permanent exhibition of the North Karelian Museum, financed with separate investment funds. The renovation encompassed several sectors of the permanent exhibition on Carelicum's first floor, showcasing the history of the Karelia region.

After the renovation, Carelicum offers visitors more room and a cosier service environment, for the premises are furnished with chairs placed next to the shelves of brochures and with a queue number machine for eventual rush situations. Through the windows of the waiting space, you can take a peek at the galleries of the museum behind the scenes, to see what is being displayed or constructed. The Carelicum shop is now located next to the staircase, in the immediate vicinity of the other services, offering a whole new range of merchandise.

The passage to the galleries of the North Karelian Museum is now better defined, and the museum offers a sizeable integrated space for itinerant exhibitions, enabling more stylish displays.

Kid Street has undergone a real shake-up. There is a new entrance, cloakroom, pram park, and back room. Next to the entrance there is a new multi-purpose facility that can be used flexibly to serve the displays, Kid Street, the café restaurant, or meetings. The space to the right of the entrance to Carelicum is now allocated to the café restaurant. It is smaller than it was before, but it still seats 50–70 customers.

The entrance hall, featuring a large notice board and Internet access points, has been designed to function as a veritable information centre on what is going on in Joensuu. The notice board is big enough to accommodate the posters of all Joensuu events. Functionally, Carelicum has been rebuilt to serve as the centre for city events: it offers not only information and tickets but also events. There is a small bandstand, with appropriate technology, in the middle of the entrance hall for all sorts of performances.

To the left of the entrance, in a real bank vault from the Savings Bank days, there is a small exhibition of banking history.

The architectural composition of the new Carelicum is by Mr. Martti Aittapelto, Architect (Finnish Association of Architects SAFA), of the Joensuu architects' office Arcadia Oy Ltd. The main financier of the Visitor Centre Project was the North Karelia Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, and the project was administered by the Committee for Culture, Sports and Youth, City of Joensuu.

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