Karelia Friends

What is Karelia Friends?
"Karelia Friends" is group of volunteers with the North Karelian museum whose aim is to increase cultural exchange among the diverse people living in Karelia and make it fun.  Every member has his/her own skills, talents and interests but all of us share a love of art, learning and creating.

The group started in June 2014 and during this year we have been involved in a wide variety of projects (food culture, music and dance, photography…), addressed for different audiences (children, adults, the elderly…). In addition to the projects in North Karelian museum in Carelicum the group has collaborated with other events and organizations (Art museum Onni, Nursery home,  Joensuun Multicultural Photography Club) and with people such as Kantele-player Pauliina Syrjälä, and singer Anna Fält who inspire us with their knowledge, and their fusion of old and new.

Karelia Friends is part of the Kulttuurimix project which brings the local culture close to the group members and through the group's diversity, widens the local culture. The project is developed by the North Karelian museum (Pohjois-Karjalan museon) and Joensuu's district multicultural association (JoMoni ry). This project has been funded by the National Board of Antiquities (Museovirasto).

Humans of Joensuu -project

Our last project is "Humans of Joensuu" and you can still be part of it.

"Humans of Joensuu" is a photography project inspired by the ‘Humans of New York' blog.

A city is made of its stories… we would like to highlight the importance of every person in making Joensuu what it is.  The presence, personality, and interaction of each human with the social and natural environment make each city unique. ‘Humans of Joensuu' is an on-going project which started recording "the spirit of the city" on Joensuu Day, and we hope every day after that.

In this project we also worked with the Joensuu Multicultural Photography Club (JMPC) from Joensuu's Multicultural District Association (JoMoni) and with all of you.

You can find the link to the web site here:

If you would like to know more, or if you want to come and see what we do, just write to: pauliina.kaasalainen[at]jns.fi
If you also want to send a picture to be included in "Humans of Joensuu" project and say some words, please do! Some questions to guide you:
Do you have any particular memory of Joensuu?
What places do you like in Joensuu?
Would you like to give a message to the people living in Joensuu?