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The Future

Joensuu adapts to change

The world is constantly undergoing massive change, but we in Joensuu believe that we can adapt to these changes. We want to build a city where residents work and live in a functioning daily environment close to nature. In the future Joensuu will still be the vibrant and thriving center of North Karelia.

The most important objectives as a city are being business-friendly, attractive, with new modes of operation and a functioning environment. The concrete focal points of the coming years are, for example, the expansion of the city center to the east side of the river, and ensuring transport connections by land, water and air. As a result of its unique extensive research, education and corporate operations, Joensuu will still be the Forestry Capital of Europe. This position was confirmed when the city was given the responsibility to develop the bioeconomy on the national level.

In addition to the bioeconomy, the region has other strengths which will be developed in conjunction with various actors. Under the leadership of the City, the main actors in the Joensuu region are committed to the growth strategy, where three key growth areas have been selected: forest bioeconomy, technology, materials and ICT, and the creative field and production of exceptional content.

The Climate Program

In its climate program Joensuu is attempting to become a carbon-neutral city by 2025. In order to achieve this ambitious goal of carbon-neutrality the necessary emission reductions could be even more than 80 percent of the current level. The climate program procedures range from directed planning and construction to the selection of environmentally conscious sources of energy for private homes. This program also requires the participation of residents, companies and communities in environmental measures.

Joensuu City and Regional Strategies (in Finnish)