Immigration Services

The Joensuu Immigrations Services gives guidance and information for everyone moving to Joensuu - permanently or temporarely.

Joensuu Immigration Services

The Joensuu service point for immigrants is located at Siltakatu 10 A 13, 5th floor. Immigration Services are responsible for immigrant guidance and information services, initial interviews, integration plans as well as tasks related to the municipal reception of refugees. We assist in dealing with all necessary matters connected to the authorities.

The Joensuu Immigration Services are free and confidential. The goal is to assist in the process of integration. Counselors are available for customers from Monday to Friday at 9-11 and 12-15. Social workers are available for customers on Mondays at 12-15 and on Fridays at 13-15, at other times you need to book an appointment.

You can contact the counselors by phone, e-mail, Facebook or by visiting us.
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Open Mon 12-15 and Tue-Fri 9-11 & 12-15

Telephone: +358 13 337 0333


Joensuu Immigration Services

Siltakatu 10 A 13, 5th floor
80100 Joensuu

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Telephone: +358 13 337 0333

Contact information
Hanna Kärkkäinen
Tel. +358 50 598 3475

Taru Väisänen
Tel. +358 50 310 1043

Tarja Munne
Tel. +358 50 442 2156


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