Health Services

The health center which serves you is determined by the area you live in. When you contact your health center, estimate the type of treatment you need and its urgency.

School and student health services are provided at schools and educational institutions.

Health Center Emergency Services

Urgent care is available daily 8-16 mainly at health centers. Health centers have scheduled times for doctors and nurses.

Health center emergency services

Eno and Uimaharju 8-16 tel. 013 330 2214
Kiihtelysvaara 8-16 tel. 013 330 2215
Niinivaara 8-16 tel. 013 330 2213
Pyhäselkä 8-16 tel. 013 330 2218
Rantakylä 8-16 tel h. 013 330 2212
Siilainen 8-16 tel. 013 330 2211
Tuupovaara 8-16 tel. 013 330 2219

In acute, life or death cases always contact the national emergency number 112.

General emergency services are provided at the North Karelia Central Hospital when your own health center is closed. These services are meant for sudden illnesses and injuries which must be treated within 24 hours of their occurrence and the lack of urgent treatment could lead to permanent damage or a threat to life.

The Central Hospital located at Tikkamäentie 16, 80210 Joensuu.

Emergency Dental Services

Emergency treatment for toothache and accident cases is provided daily 8.00-15.00 at the Siilainen Health Center; appointments are made beginning at 8.00, call 013 330 2411. On weekends and holidays falling during the week appointments only at the Siilainen Health Center. Call 11.00-12.00, 050 301 1592.

If You Are Pregnant

Pre-natal clinics follow the health of mother, child and the entire family during pregnancy. Contact the clinic when you realize you are pregnant. Pre-natal and child clinics are nearby services provided in various sections of Joensuu.