Daycare and Schools

Joensuu has both its own public as well as private children's daycare centers. In additions there are also private family daycare providers. Daycare is in Finnish.

Apply for a place in daycare at least four (4) months before it is necessary. Application forms are available online, at daycare centers or the Carelicum service point.


Six-year-olds have the right to participate in free pre-school activities. Participation is voluntary and is provided on schooldays. On average, the weekly pre-school program is 19 hours and averages four (4) hours a day.

Additional information about pre-school activities and applications is available at schools, daycare centers, the daycare services office and early childhood and education center administration services.

Comprehensive School

School attendance is mandatory for children permanently resident in Finland. Compulsory schooling begins in the year when the child reaches the age of seven (7), and concludes when comprehensive school training has been completed or ten (10) years have elapsed. The child's guardian is responsible for ensuring that the compulsory school requirement is satisfied.