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Tax rate to remain unchanged in 2018

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Joensuu's draft budget for 2018 was presented by Mayor Kari Karjalainen at the end of October. The draft, which entails a balanced budget in terms of expenditures and revenues,

is based on the new city group strategy. The long-term economic implications are considered for each decision, aiming for a sound economic position and paving the way for the Regional Reform in 2020.

To maintain the municipal tax rate at a competitive level, Joensuu will keep the rate unchanged at 20.50 per cent in 2018.

Growth in the Joensuu region has accelerated and there has been a downturn in the unemployment rate, which is currently 15.4 per cent.  While favourable, the trend is slower than in the country as a whole, which is reflected in Joensuu's weak income tax development.

The focus is on employment, and services are supported by investment in day care centres and schools. Construction activity in Joensuu has been strong, which is reflected in net population growth. During the term of this local council, construction investment will be adjusted to correspond to the city's financial capacity.

The Mayor's budget draft is available in Finnish at

The city council will discuss the draft on Monday, 27.11.

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