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Presidential election in January

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The election of the President of the Republic of Finland will be held in January. All Finnish citizens who are 18 years old on the last day of the first round of elections, i.e. 28.1.2018, have the right to vote. If you have the right to vote, you will receive two poll cards by post by 4.1. One of them is for the first round and the second for a potential second round.

You can cast your vote on election day or in advance. Early voting in Finland is possible on 17.–23.1. Participation in the election is also possible abroad. For early voting you can choose the venue that suits you best. On the actual election day, Sunday, 28.1., voting must take place at the address stated in the poll card. To be able to vote, you must have an identification document with a photo, such as a passport, ID card or driver's licence with you. The poll card is not required.

Eight candidates are running for President. Their candidate numbers were drawn in December. If none of the candidates gets more than half of the votes cast in the first round elections, there will be a second round on Sunday, 11.2. The vote then will be between the candidates who got the most votes in the first round. The candidate with the most votes in the second round will become the President of the Republic. The President's term of office is six years.

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