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New development in Rantakylä and Utra

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The master planning process started by the city of Joensuu for the Rantakylä-Utra area in 2016 has progressed to the draft stage. The proposed amendments entail new housing development in Puronsuu near the river Pielinen, consisting primarily of blocks of flats. By increasing the building density of the area, the city aims to improve access to services for the residents.

To meet the demand for new detached homes, an area Northeast of Utra will be earmarked for small-scale residential development. Zones by the river will be enhanced for recreational use.

Providing a green environment and marked trails for outdoor recreation plays a key role in making the area an attractive place to live.  A number of studies have been carried out on previously developed areas and a new traffic plan has been drawn up. Buildings and natural features meriting protection will be identified.

In the traffic plan, public transport, pedestrian traffic and cycling will be encouraged, which should reduce private car use, improve traffic flows and increase safety.

The draft for the new development plan will displayed on 19.4.–21.5. for Joensuu residents to comment. It will be presented to the public on Thursday, 17.5. at 18.00 at Pataluoto school (Pataluodonkatu 2).

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