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Joensuu taps local resources for Strategy

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Joensuu has been growing at a rate of 300–500 residents a year. Two new bridges, the market square, Karhunmäki and 20 new day care centres are some of our landmark achievements in the 2010s. Now Joensuu's new strategy sets the achievement targets for 2021.

New kinds of tools have been used in the development of the strategy. Instead of external consultants, own personnel and decision-makers were enticed to contribute their extensive knowledge. We want to thank the approximately 3,000 city group employees and more than 200 persons involved in the city's decision-making for their active participation.    

Also, the dimensions of background information collection and the involvement of residents were unprecedented: parents responded to the poll on child care facilities, children and youngsters were heard in a wellbeing study in all Joensuu schools, and 98 non-profit organisations participated in a special survey targeted at them. The survey among residents was designed to produce results that are comparable in reliability to pre-election opinion polls. The aim was to get a wide and unbiased response from residents on issues including municipal services and quality of life. More than 5,000 people contributed to background information collection.

The new strategy covers the whole city group, including enterprises in which the city holds the majority. Residents may be interested to know how rental and student housing will be developed or how waste disposal will be managed. Businesses may want to know how facilities such as the harbour or parking are organised. Sustainability and togetherness are keys to a positive future of Joensuu.

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