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Immigrant integration services with individual targets

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Joensuu Immigration Services provides client-oriented, targeted integration services in several languages to all immigrants over a specified integration period, irrespective of the reason for the individual's migration.

The Immigration Services also perform certain tasks related to their reception by municipalities.

The aim of the integration period is for immigrants to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for them to achieve equality with other citizens in terms of both rights and duties.

The integration period is determined individually for each person and as a rule it does not exceed three years. On special grounds, it can be extended to five years.

All clients have their own integration coaches

All clients have their own integration coaches. The process starts with an interview, in which the need for services is evaluated. After establishing the current level of integration, it is easier for the client and the coach to decide upon individual targets.

A key task of the integration coach is to identify the services and measures required, and these will then be provided by a multi-actor network. The clients get systematic support, but they themselves are in control of their everyday challenges and thus their own integration process.

There are just over 2,300 immigrants in Joensuu

Integration assistance is of particular importance in Joensuu, as 61% of all foreign citizens in North Karelia live in that city. There are just over 2,300 immigrants in Joensuu, making up about 3% of the population.

Their main countries of origin are Russia, Bangladesh, Syria, Estonia and China (Statistics Finland 2017). Some of the causes for immigration are family ties, work, repatriation and application for refugee status.

In addition, Joensuu has about 1,000 international students each year.

Integration Services team provides training and support to municipal staff and other actors

The Immigration Services also offer support to international employees within companies. As well as client work, the Integration Services team provides training and support to municipal staff and other actors in the immigration and integration arena.

Residents with a migrant background form an important element in Joensuu society.  The Integration Services promote the well-being, employment and skills acquisition of immigrants, enabling them to become equal members of that society and the city community.

With the backing of various networks, the aim is to secure for each immigrant the necessary preconditions for individual, active integration and a fulfilling life in Joensuu.

Contact information

The Integration Services have their offices at Siltakatu 10 A 13, 5th floor, 80100 Joensuu.

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