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Head Start for the New City Council

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Joensuu's new City Council, elected at the municipal elections in April, has already got down to work. Officially, the new Council's period of office will begin on 1st June and the first meeting will be held on Monday, 12th June. The members have, however, already begun their work in a less formal framework.

No sooner were the elections over than they met over evening coffee. They also visited a two-day strategy seminar in Koli, discussing the perspectives for the City of Joensuu.

Joensuu's City Council underwent a significant rejuvenation as a result of the elections. Nearly half of the 59 members are new entrants, and there are more young members than in the past. Eleven members are aged 30 or below, with the youngest member being 18. The average age is 48.

Among the political parties, the Social Democrats have the most representatives at 15 Council members, while the Centre Party has 12, and the Conservatives and Green Party 9 members each. The Left Alliance has 6, the True Finns 5 and the Christian Democrats 3 representatives.

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