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Forest management under review

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The city of Joensuu will be reviewing its forest management policies in 2018 to establish clear guidelines on how the forests owned by the city should be managed, taking into account recreation, protection and commercial aspects.

Joensuu owns about 8,700 hectares of forest, of which about 5,000 ha is commercial forest and 730 ha woods in residential areas, while more than 1,100 ha serves primarily recreational purposes and 510 ha is protected.

The forests are a notable source of income for the city, with   revenue from wood sales amounting to 0.9 to 1mn euros per year. At the same time, the forests are extremely valuable in recreational, cultural and ecological terms.

Joensuu welcomes residents to participate in the review by responding to online and offline polls during the spring. Stakeholder groups have been invited to join a working group with representatives of the North Karelia Centre for Economic Development, the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, the Natural Resources Institute Finland and various divisions of city administration. The group will start work in April.

The proposal for new forest management policies will be presented to the Committee of Urban Structure in autumn 2018 and afterwards it will be discussed by the City Executive.

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