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E-bills to save costs

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The city of Joensuu sends its customers more than 70,000 invoices per year. Four-fifths of them are sent out on paper. The alternative is an electronic invoice, "e-bill", that is sent directly to the customer's online bank. Paper invoices cost the city three times as much as e-bills.  The costs are incurred in the printing and sending of the invoices and the manual correction of reference numbers.

The city of Joensuu encourages all customers who still receive paper invoices to move to e-bills. The more of us use electronic bills, the more money can be saved and spent on services, such as children's day care.

This autumn, e-bill users will be rewarded with free entrance tickets. Prizes will be drawn each month from October to December among both those who already receive e-bills and those who sign an e-bill agreement during the campaign. The winner has the choice of sets of tickets to municipal swimming baths or gyms, a season ticket to concerts of Joensuu City Orchestra, a family ticket set for Mukulakatu or a Museum Club card for a year.

The payment of e-bills is easy; the invoice is sent automatically to your internet bank, where you can pay it just by clicking with a mouse. E-bill is a safe, easy and ecological mode of payment. For help in moving to e-bills, contact your internet bank or your bank's customer service.

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