News about the activities of the city of Joensuu.

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Defence exercise in North Karelia in mid-September

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Local troops of about 1,000 will carry out a North Karelia defence exercise in Joensuu, Liperi and Kontiolahti on 10–14 September.

The Army is preparing a defence against hybrid threats and will carry out the exercise with local troops that know the area. Conscripts and reservists each account for about half of the participants.

The exercise, entitled Joensuu 18, can be observed in the streets of Joensuu, but also in Liperi and Kontiolahti.

It will be an extensive test of cooperation between several authorities, including the police, rescue services, border guards, customs, the Regional Administration of Eastern Finland, ELY North Karelia, the city of Joensuu, the municipality of Kontiolahti, VR, Siun sote, the Finnish Red Cross, VAPEPA and Finavia.

Joensuu 18 is one of a number of simultaneous local defence exercises in Finland. It can be followed on Twitter @maavoimat and Facebook, hashtag #joensuu18.

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