News about the activities of the city of Joensuu.

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Building projects in Joensuu in 2018

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Building work will be going full steam ahead in Joensuu in 2018. City centre development and the improvement of service facilities such as day-care centres and schools continues. Several large building projects will be completed during the year.

The improvement of the market square and the streets around it will be completed by late autumn 2018. After that, building works will move to the area around the railway station. To begin with, two new roundabouts will be built on the east side of the river and the section of road connecting them will be rebuilt. Pedestrian traffic around the Sirkkala Campus will be re-arranged. At the same time, a 14-storey timber-framed building – the tallest in Finland – will be built in Penttilänranta.

The Raatekangas interchange, a joint project of the state and the city of Joensuu, will be completed, improving the flow of traffic north of the city centre. During 2018, the city will also allocate 100 plots to private individuals for the building of detached houses.

The comprehensive high school in Heinävaara and the new comprehensive school in Nepenmäki will be completed. As the University of Eastern Finland's teacher training activity is to be concentrated in Joensuu, the Rantakylä teacher training school will start operations in autumn 2018. Small children and their families have not been forgotten: day-care centres in Hammaslahti and Hukanhauta will be finished, and the building of a new day-care centre in Karsikko will begin. As to sports facilities, the Mehtimäki baseball pitch and spectator area will be completed.

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