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Visiting Karelia is the permanent exhibition at the North Karelian Museum.


Main themes of the exhibition are Karelian history and folklore.

Other themes running through the exhibition are the journey of the evacuees of Finland's Karelia, life in the mansion houses, local industries, stories from the town of Joensuu and the essential part of the Finnish culture, sauna. There is also a multimedia show of Joensuu in the sixties, displayed through photographs and nostalgic cine films on how the town grew and progressed.

The museum has a collection of interesting objects such as the engine of a Junkers bomber, a 200 years old crossbow, a coin that weighs over 12kg, a silk jacket in Rococo style and a collection of Finland's national musical instruments kantele. The museum's objects also tell a story about people's everyday lives, the hunting and fishing gear and the hats from a famed local millinery shop.

Visitors can get more information by accessing free Wi-Fi and using QR codes that can be found around the exhibition.







1. Eight daler copper plate money

2. An army surgeon's chest

3. Seal decoy

4. Olson's doll

5. Dowry chest

6. Sauna & blood-letting

7. Iivana Shemeika's kantele

8. Mansions

9. Timber loading hook

10. Junkers engine

11. Evacuation chest

12. Street signs of Joensuu