The Climate Square Project

The Climate Square -project gives tools for a low-carbon society and encourages enterprises, communities and citizens towards a carbon neutral Joensuu 2025.

The Climate Square project

The Climate Square -project aims to support and increase climate action among enterprises, communities and citizens.

Climate Square creates new means in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the Joensuu region and North Karelia. The project develops climate co-operation according to the following means:

Climate partnership

Climate Square is developing a Climate Partnership network for enterprises and communities in the Joensuu area. Partners can join the network by signing a climate commitment that consists of a few climate measures or goals that the partner pledges to actualize.

The Climate Partnership network continues to be developed throughout the project, which is why enterprises and communities that join the network now have a great possibility in affecting on how the network will operate in the future.

Climate responsibility projects with enterprises

The project also coordinates separate co-operation campaigns and projects with enterprises. The aim of these campaigns is to enhance climate responsibility in the region.

One example of a realized climate responsibility project is a bus transport campaign that four local companies were sponsoring for two major events in Joensuu during Summer 2015. By bringing down the prices of bus tickets significantly, the project made bus transport a more tempting travel alternative to major events. To grow more popular in a sparsely populated area with a regional centre, public transport needs new means of functioning.

The 2016 climate responsibility project was the actualization of an edible park with cherry trees, organized by Climate Square and the park unit of the city institution and funded by 23 local enterprises. The project started with preparations and enterprise enrollment in May-August, and the trees were finally planted in the end of September 2016. Planting edible parks around the city of Joensuu is a long-term goal in the Joensuu climate programme.

Sectoral climate programmes

Climate Square sets up sectoral climate programmes that are created especially for micro- and small-scale industry. The programmes are in common use on our webpage. The sectors are divided according to the production priorities of North Karelia: Technology industry, food industry, forest & energy, stone & mining, wellbeing & tourism and creative industries.

Climate action with citizens

Climate Square supports local low-carbon operating models by organizing low-carbon experiments and campaigns for citizens to participate in. We also bring climate action closer to citizens by organizing climate-themed events and composing practical information for common use.

Ideas or suggestions? You are warmly welcome to contact us!

For the time being the project is not going to produce further English material online. We would however gladly discuss about any co-operation ideas! You are warmly welcome to contact the project employees with any questions, suggestions or ideas:

Tiina Vikman
Project coordinator                                     
Tel. 050 463 3418
Saara Pellikka
Project planner
Tel. 050 431 6702



The funding and administration of Climate Square

The Climate Square -project is administered by the Environmental Surveillance Unit of Joensuu City. The project's operating time is 1.1.2015 - 31.12.2017. Climate Square is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The Regional Council of North Karelia admitted the ERDF funding 18th December 2014.

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